Greenfly Launches Fan Activation Software to Rapidly Crowdsource and Share Authentic Content

With Greenfly fan activation technology, marketers can gather, organize & publish authentic media created by their most engaged communities.

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MarTech Series wrote about Greenfly’s new fan activation software, +Engage. The technology debuted with the 2020 World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. 

“We’re thrilled to be officially debuting Greenfly’s fan engagement technology on the heels of an incredible championship moment for the Dodgers in this incredible season for Major League Baseball,” said Shawn Green, co-founder of Greenfly. “The Dodgers have called on fans to contribute their personal photos and videos no matter where they’re celebrating and in real-time for an incredible opportunity to demonstrate their passion on the Dodgers’ social media channels. They’re showcasing a new way to feel a stronger sense of spirit and togetherness while driving deeper player-fan relationships.”

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