NHL Using Greenfly for More Player Social Media Engagement

The NHL uses Greenfly for more player social media engagement to build its hockey fandom.

The Athletic Article Image - NHL Provides Greenfly For Player Social Media Engagement

When the National Hockey League (NHL) looks to the future of fandom, it knows that connecting with younger fans is vital for the league as it tries to build new fandom. 

It’s why the league partnered with Greenfly this season to better coordinate and share content on social media. Greenfly will help streamline the NHL’s use of social media across team, league and player accounts. 

“We’ve been talking about this for years, and the importance of social media as a connection point to younger fans,” said Heidi Browning, the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the NHL. “So you start to think about where are the next generation of fans spending the most time, then you look at the global trends, right? Young fans around the world are following athletes first, then teams and then leagues, and they’re following athletes before sports, they might even watch just because they’re interesting humans.”

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