How Paris Saint-Germain Leaned on Content Creation To Become the World’s 4th Biggest Sports Franchise

Anthony Baca, Deputy Digital Director at Paris Saint-Germain talks about PSG's digital media strategy & the importance of content creation.

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Anthony Baca, Deputy Digital Director at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), recently chatted with Engage by Hashtag Sports about the football club’s digital media strategy. He shared how Leo Messi’s arrival impacted PSG’s growth on social media, why using fan-generated content has driven massive engagement, and how an emphasis on content creation has led to the team becoming one of the most famous sports franchises in the world.

The club’s digital team works with Greenfly to centralize digital media operations and share short-form digital media with all of their players to enable them to directly engage with their own fans around the world. 

Baca noted, “We believe fan engagement is the richness of our interaction with our fans which we often consider as more than 10 hours weekly content on all of our platforms. We are fan-centric / fan-first, and we adjust our content by taking into consideration the immediate response from our fans.”

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