How the San Jose Sharks Create Content With Players and Sharks365 Fan Members

The San Jose Sharks create content with players and use bi-directional media exchange with Greenfly to create deeper fan connections.

San Jose Sharks player making content with camera crew.

Patrick Hooper, the San Jose Sharks Director of Integrated Marketing, recently spoke with Engage by Hashtag Sports for an insightful Q&A. 

He shared how the team successfully used a bi-directional flow of content between players and content creators during the NHL Draft using Greenfly. He provided insight into the Sharks365 season ticket holders’ role in content creation and how he ties campaign performance back to revenue initiatives.

At the start of 2021, limited to on-the-road games, the San Jose Sharks developed a content plan that offered a balance of remote process and a feasible amount of work that could be done by those on location. Whether in Arizona or back home in San Jose, technology was critical for content sharing and publishing. 

Essential to their efforts is the media exchange that Greenfly’s advanced technology makes possible. With automation, the platform improves the Sharks’ ability to share content in two directions — helping the team and athletes connect more deeply with their fans. 

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