The Petcash Pod: Lessons Scaling Across Sports

The Petcash Pod featured Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner discussing the growth of the company and short-form content in sports.

Daniel Kirschner CEO of Greenfly joins the Petcash Pod to talk about the growth of short-form content in sports. Headshot and show image.

Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner chatted with Andrew Petcash of The Petcash Pod recently about topics including the growth of Greenfly over ten years, how audience demand for short-form content has grown and how to monetize that experience.

“There’s a growing recognition that consumption of short-form content is not a marketing activity that is adjacent to the real activity, but it’s part of the real activity. It’s part of the core experience…. Understanding that as a core offering… then you have to say ‘Well, how do we monetize this?’ Because this can’t just be about getting people to tune into the “real thing.”

… If [I] have somebody who considers themselves a fan but during the season, they’re just watching a ton of short-form content and they’re really tuning in for the playoffs, then [I] have to figure out how to make a business around that person. Because that person is a fan.” — Daniel Kirschner, CEO, Greenfly