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We’re at SBJ Intercollegiate Athletics Forum talking about how Greenfly can help build student-athlete brands, ignite fandom and boost partnerships.

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Close the Content Gap for Your Athletes 

Student-athletes need authentic, real-time content to build their brands for endorsement deals or future pro careers. But let’s face it, content is an afterthought of NIL tools. Enable your athletes to create, receive and share compelling content easily on social media — like over 25,000 of the world’s leading athletes. While you’re at it, capture even more value throughout your ecosystem. 

Athlete Brand-Building



Broadcast Partners & Tune-In

Sponsor Revenue & ROI

Ticket Sales

We want to provide Big Ten student-athletes with the same level of technology as the most prominent professional leagues… This partnership is going to transform our ability to support student-athletes as they build their online presence and connect with fans, brands and alumni around the world.

Tony Petiti

Commissioner, Big Ten Conference

Professional-Grade Digital Media Solutions

Greenfly’s AI-enabled software platform orchestrates the capture, organization and delivery of short-form digital media from live events to dozens or thousands of recipients — in seconds. With access to real-time content, your student-athletes, staff, partners and even fans can expand your organization’s reach on game day and year round.

Athlete Social Sharing

Enable your student-athletes to build their brands and your school’s brand and engage directly with fans.

Real-Time Content Feed

Deliver magic moments from every event in real time to athletes, coaches, schools, broadcasters, sponsors and communications teams.

Fan UGC Collection

Harness the creativity of fans. Collect UGC and co-create content for homecoming, rival week or any other campaign.

Direct-to-Mobile Experience

Give fans a unique, all-access content experience. Deliver vertical-view short-form content directly to your mobile app.

An Unmatched Content Solution 

Photos AND Videos

Maximize your investment in short-form content and keep it organized, searchable and in one cloud-based library.

+AI Vision

Our proprietary AI software that tags way more than faces so that you can search and sort by context and scene.

Real-Time Delivery

From AI to integrations, automation to just smart design, your assets flow end-to-end in real time 

Plays Well With Others

Content flows across your tech stack with native import and export integrations for most major applications

Trusted by the Pros

14 of the 15 biggest leagues in the world trust Greenfly to orchestrate their short-form content

Foundational Architecture

The only end-to-end solution built to be the foundation of your entire content ecosystem 

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