Abu Dhabi Cricket Players Amplify Tournament in Real Time With Digital Media Distribution

The Abu Dhabi cricket team co-created media with players to give fans a more emotional, engaging experience above their broadcast.

Abu Dhabi cricket captures match day digital media

Abu Dhabi Cricket knows that social media is today’s dominant channel for building awareness and engagement for sports brands and live events. 

The league’s annual ten-day T10 League tournament, marketed as “Cricket’s Fastest Format,” has eight teams competing in 29 games. With this level of action, publishing real-time photos fast and at scale on social media is critical for keeping cricket fans tuned in. For the 2021 event, Abu Dhabi Cricket went bigger than ever and worked directly with players and staff to amplify social media impact and reach a significantly larger global audience.

Their digital team has used the Greenfly +Connect integration with PhotoShelter to give fans a more engaging live tournament experience beyond the broadcast. They distributed edited live tournament images in just over one minute to cricket players and other advocates to share on their social media accounts.

Abu Dhabi Cricket

Distributed 12,000+ assets in 10 days

With Greenfly, Abu Dhabi Cricket rapidly distributed massive amounts of timely content — over 12,000 match photos in ten days. These assets included 16×9 vertical images the photographers produced specifically for Instagram Stories and landscape images for feeds.

Empowering their closest advocates with advanced technology from Greenfly helped the Abu Dhabi cricket team create an incredibly high-impact tournament.

Photo courtesy of: Ian Roman Photography

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