The Biden for President Campaign Launches First-of-Its-Kind Digital Ambassador Program To Turn Out Young Voters

The Biden Campaign activated surrogates and thousands of micro-influencers to engage voters on social media.

Biden for President social media advocacy

The Biden for President campaign used Greenfly to organically activate thousands of advocates, from delegates and surrogates, to national figures, to micro-influencers with local influence in battleground states. Even @JoeBiden recruited folks to join Greenfly!

This innovative digital ambassador program helped educate voters across the U.S. and get them out to the polls. 

Political advocacy campaign

More than 80% of surrogates shared digital content on social media.

The campaign’s digital team collected compelling digital media through Greenfly and also distributed it for timely rapid response moments, whether for the presidential debates or state-specific updates during their get-out-the-vote efforts. Advocate content generated tens of thousands of incremental social posts, yielding tens of millions of incremental social engagements.

See how your organization can harness your passionate staff, surrogates and other advocates to engage voters.