RC Lens Creates Social Media Content Service To Engage Fans

Learn how Ligue 1 football club RC Lens boosts fan engagement through its social media content service to football players.

RC Lens players celebrating victory on the field, with social media content service.

RC Lens: By the Numbers

RC Lens stats Greenfly, social media content service.


Ligue 1 football club RC Lens wanted to drive fan engagement and awareness for its club and matches. The club’s digital team knew they could do this by enhancing club and player channels on social media, where fans of the French football club were spending much of their time.

The digital team was also excited to deepen relationships with the players by providing them with a social media content service to help them build their personal brands. 

The RC Lens digital staff had four big goals they wanted to accomplish:  

  • Drive engagement and awareness of the club brand and its matches
  • Enhance the brands of their players and the club’s owned social channels
  • Provide a valuable service to players
  • Connect the club’s content sources to streamline storage and distribution


With Greenfly, RC Lens created their new social media content service for players. They connected all their content sources to Greenfly, which automatically organizes and distributes assets to onboarded players and staff. Sharable content, such as matchday photos, now constantly flows to players and staff all season long. 


RC Lens players and staff have been utilizing Greenfly for two seasons, with players actively sharing content up to 95% of days in one reporting period alone.*

With Greenfly, RC Lens’ social media content shares and player usage continue to grow substantially. Followers and fans increased 195% year over year, as this partnership has expanded the club’s and players’ brands to new audiences globally.

*Source: Greenfly – Aug 1 – Nov 18, 2022.

Photo by Baptiste Fernandez/Icon Sport; courtesy of RC Lens.

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