Retailers & Franchises

Greenfly for Retailers and Franchise Businesses

Keep Every Location On-Brand and On-Message on Local Social Channels

Brands with dozens or hundreds of local business locations — retailers, franchise businesses, insurance companies and real estate agencies — have turned to social media to find customers and build stronger bonds. Greenfly helps manage digital media and communications with dozens or thousands of managers and keeps branding on point.

I Love Kickboxing franchisees respond quickly — often within 5-10 minutes of the request.

Brand Integrity Program

Elevate franchise brands of all types: fitness, health, wellness, retail products and retail services. Balance corporate branding protocols while empowering local managers to populate social media channels to help them stay competitive. Tap into franchisees’ creative minds for brand initiatives, and help them stay on-brand and on-message with approved campaign and promotional content.

  • Give franchisees a simple way to strengthen relationships with local customers.
  • Demonstrate continuous marketing value from HQ.
  • Enhance brand promotions through purpose-built, unique content from the field
I Love Kickboxing: Brand Integrity Program

Local Content Creation

Empower retail store and area marketing managers to promote themselves and expand your brand reach on their own local social media channels. Tap into the authentic, original stories of real people and experiences to strengthen your brand and employee relationships. Enjoy how much this content resonates with consumers more than any stock content or photoshoot.

  • Directly communicate with local staff about promotions and campaigns.
  • Collect media from local events to showcase in corporate brand channels.
  • Incorporate purpose-built, unique content from the field to elevate brand promotions.
Five Below: Local Content Creation

In-Store Social Program

Create an ongoing content exchange with local retail outlets. Share brand-approved media with store managers and franchise owners to post on their local social media channels. Gather authentic photos and videos representing those unique communities’ and customers’ tastes. Have promotional content always at the ready to support field needs.

  • Offer agents or local marketing teams a simple way to drive traffic.
  • Highlight the special vibe of individual markets to build deeper local connections.
  • Gather purpose-built, unique content from local offices to use for brand promotion.

Agent Social Program

Expand brands that license their products to independent agents to sell directly to consumers, such as insurance, real estate, health and wellness, and financial services. Provide agents with the right content and media to populate their own local social media channels to stay engaged with their customers and expand their business — and yours.

  • Give agents brand-approved media to support sales campaigns.
  • Provide continuous brand education and marketing value with daily updates.
  • Enhance brand promotions with purpose-built, unique content gathered from local offices.
Greenfly solves the local social media problem for franchises, agent-based businesses and retailers.  The Greenfly platform can work for you, too.