Why Greenfly

Why Greenfly?

We’ll Help You Take On the Challenges of Digital Transformation

The Greenfly software platform is your new central digital media hub. It handles media creation, media distribution, organization, automation, workflow management, and collaboration. Communicate and collaborate with the people who love and support your brand.

Whether you’re focused on creating or collecting authentic media or user-generated content, or sharing digital media with dozens or thousands of advocates, our software can help. Work with as many people as you need, quickly, efficiently, securely – at any scale.

We’re Built for the Creator Economy

Today, every organization and every brand depends on social media — for awareness, loyalty, brand preference and revenue growth.

Some brands need more and better content to post. Some organizations have a ton, but they’re not able to use all of it.

Managing digital media creation and distribution are imperatives for social media success. Without digital exchange technology or a long-term social sharing strategy, brands will fail.

Greenfly was built from the ground up for this new world: the Creator Economy. We help brands of all shapes and sizes harness the power of short-form digital media.

Advocacy Marketing Is Here To Stay

Younger audiences want to connect with people, not brands. They form relationships and listen to people. The people who love your brand — your brand advocates — are the answer to creating more and better content and sharing your message with more people on social media, in a human and authentic way. Through advocacy marketing.

Meanwhile, brand awareness, promotion and amplification has changed. It’s not just the marketing department’s challenge alone, but one for the entire organization. To coordinate messages across an organization, marketers need a communication and collaboration platform that enables each and every person to have the right message and visuals to tell their version of the right story.

Greenfly brings advocates, media and the brand together in one software platform to solve the many advocacy marketing challenges organizations face.

Say “Goodbye!” to ad-hoc media requests and untrackable media sharing using SMS, email, WhatsApp, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Greenfly Is the Leader in Digital Media Management

Gather short-form gameday media, organize it and distribute it in real-time to broadcasters and sponsors — as a complement to their linear media rights. Quickly distribute sourced media from embedded photographers, freelancers and Getty Images to everyone who will help with digital promotion.

  • Immediate Activation. The Greenfly platform is easy for any size organization to deploy quickly and efficiently.
  • Built to Scale. Our SaaS software is flexible, scalable and robust enough to support mountains of media.
  • Enterprise-Class. Our cloud-based infrastructure is built for scale, security and always-on reliability.
  • Customer Obsessed. Our high-touch customer success and training teams will ensure you meet your business goals.
  • Automated. We know managing dozens or thousands of advocates and tens of thousands of assets is impossible without automation. We’ve built a lot of that.
  • Authentic. Brands can’t do it alone. Leverage advocates and influencers to humanize your brand on digital channels more effectively than “official” social media accounts.

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Increase social media reach by 2,000% or more by activating your advocates to spread brand love to new audiences.