Streamlining Digital Media Operations Boosts Productivity and Sponsor Value

G2 Esports boosted social media engagement by sharing digital media with gamers to build their personal brands and sponsor value.

5 players for G2 Esports for social media engagement

Savvy esports marketers understand speed, brand value and social media engagement intuitively. 

So, why aren’t more sports (and esports) organizations reshaping their digital media operations to take advantage of the huge shift to social media and digital channels over the past year? Some forward-looking organizations are, and they’re reaching and influencing more of their supporters through their athletes. 

In the fast-paced world of digital transformation, premier European esports club G2 Esports’ story of innovation stands out.

G2’s digital staff understood that having a global fanbase of passionate, digital-native gamers following the action on online streaming platforms like Twitch meant social media was their industry’s lifeblood. And they knew the professional esports players across their game teams, like other athletes, wanted to build their own personal brands on social media. Along with showcasing their skills and successes on their personal social media profiles, the players could share G2 brand assets and create authentic, engaging content of their own.

The G2 social media team recognized they were doing too much manual work in supplying this player army with digital photos and game clips. They were fielding requests via text and email, hunting for media, and organizing, sending and tracking all this content for timely sharing. Their asset workflow analysis showed it cost about a day per game team each month in lost productivity — a surprisingly large amount of time that they could have spent on higher priority tasks. And with more success, the problem would only continue to grow. 

G2 prioritized reducing social content and player management bottlenecks with automation. The staff could manage their time more efficiently, focus on meeting the club’s business and partner goals, and maximize their players’ social reach and influence. 

With Greenfly’s digital media management platform, G2 Esports reclaimed this one day per game team per month in lost productivity time and gained over 270,000 engagements from player social sharing.

“Looking at where we were a year ago versus where we are now with Greenfly, it’s like moving from the Stone Age into the Digital Age.”

Chris Sloane, Head of Social and Programming, G2 Esports

Boost Esports Social Media Engagement

G2’s innovative approach is a blueprint for other sports organizations. Brands everywhere can increase productivity, fan social media engagement, revenue and brand value with technology and compelling content shared by their best advocates.

If your organization is looking for ways to create digital media operations efficiencies and scale global distribution with your advocates, let us know. Set up a time to chat with our team of experts.

Photo: Courtesy of G2 Esports

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