G2 Esports Streamlines Social Content Operations To Boost Productivity and Sponsor Value

G2 Esports improved workflows to scale global content distribution and build team and player brands.

This premier European Esports club streamlined the exchange of digital media between the marketing team and pro players. Players wanted to share more team and partner content to their social accounts.

Team managers used a guided media brief to ‘remotely direct’ players to create specific content for G2 Esports to use for brand promotions. They automated their workflow approvals and can now track the fulfillment of player requests.

G2 Esports maximized their influence and awareness and eliminated the inefficient time spent collecting, curating and manually sending media assets one by one.

G2 eSports Team

Reclaimed 1 day per game team each month in lost productivity

By the numbers:

  • 270k+ more engagements from player social sharing
  • 50+ esports players onboarded
  • 900+ media assets shared to social

“Looking at where we were a year ago versus where we are now with Greenfly, it’s like moving from the Stone Age into the Digital Age.”

— Chris Sloane, Head of Social and Programming, G2 Esports
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Photo: Courtesy of G2 Esports