Success Story: GivingTuesday Co-Creates Media With Advocates To Promote Day of Generosity Awareness

How social cause GivingTuesday collected user-generated content (UGC) from advocates using Greenfly +Engage to boost awareness of their global day of generosity.

Female volunteer in mask carries box on GivingTuesday.

The team that organizes GivingTuesday, the global movement, understands the power that radical generosity has to inspire human connection and change.

What started nearly a decade ago as a social media hashtag promoting one day to give back (#GivingTuesday) has become so much more. GivingTuesday now has a worldwide network empowering everyday people to do good — and rally others to do the same — on that day and throughout the year.

Amidst the global crisis, the small but mighty team wanted to create a campaign around their 2020 day to expand reach and response for their core brand message that everyone has something to give. And change the public perception of ‘giving’ as only providing financial contributions.

GivingTuesday’s staff recognized social media had become an even more pivotal marketing channel since their movement’s inception. And like many marketers, they knew user-generated content (UGC) was the most direct and cost-effective way to inspire more people on social media to take action. They asked volunteers and donors for original media for event day sharing — building awareness and participation in the GivingTuesday moment around the world.

With just a few weeks to execute the campaign, the team used Greenfly +Engage to launch a GivingTuesday-branded, mobile-friendly web page to collect and highlight these advocates’ personal, heartfelt video and photo stories of giving back. It took them only 48 hours to stand up the UGC campaign, from start to finish. Gathering and organizing this 100% rights-cleared media would have been impossible with other tools in this timeframe.

With this campaign, GivingTuesday gained a compelling new content showcase of giving examples to use across brand channels and beyond. ABC News even picked up a celebratory video the organization compiled from some of the clips.

Most importantly, GivingTuesday helped mobilize advocates and dispel the notion that only certain people can be philanthropists. 35 million people participated in the global event, a 29% increase from 2019.

Success Story | Social Impact: GivingTuesday Co-Creates Media With Advocates to Promote Day of Generosity Awareness

Success Story

Learn how GivingTuesday harnessed the power of UGC to activate worldwide participants in their day promoting generosity awareness.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Greenfly. It was a game changer for us.” 

— Kathleen Murphy, Director of Digital Strategy, GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday’s story offers lessons to other social impact organizations and nonprofits — and marketers everywhere — looking to increase support and participation by showcasing unique content from their passionate advocates.

To learn more about executing advocacy marketing programs with your donors, volunteers, or other brand evangelists, set up a time to chat with our team. We’d be happy to help!

Photo: Courtesy of GivingTuesday

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