Greenfly for Good

Greenfly for Good

At Greenfly, we feel strongly about giving back to the organizations that support the causes we stand for. And, who needs social advocacy more than the organizations taking on the world’s most difficult challenges?

Greenfly has driven advocacy marketing programs for some of the most impactful social causes and NGOs in the world. Greenfly’s powerful workflow automation and media exchange software creates massive amplification and awareness for organizations with a mission to make the world a better place.

Special non-profit pricing enables causes of all sizes to leverage the power of advocacy marketing.

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Accelerating Change

Through Greenfly for Good, we work with select non-profits, NGOs and social impact organizations to harness the power of their advocate networks to drive social change. Greenfly gives humanitarian organizations, disaster responders, community service providers, and research foundations direct support for their positive impact on the world.

Supporting the Mission

The Greenfly for Good program combines our two most important assets: technology and talent. We’re dedicated to helping organizations with a greater purpose become more efficient and effective in achieving their mission through their staff and volunteers’ social advocacy.

We provide select organizations with special subscription access to the Greenfly platform. We also provide the training and onboarding assistance they need to start exchanging content and communicating with their advocates, staff, supporters and donors— everyone involved in building and maintaining their commitment.

The Greenfly for Good program can be an advocacy lifeline and the fuel that organizations need to increase awareness and reach more potential volunteers and donors.

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How Can We Help?

Let us know how your organization could use the power of digital media to make a difference.