Enhance Social Media Posts With Greenfly and Slate To Win Fans Fast

With Greenfly & Slate, digital teams can now enhance real-time assets for social media on game day in seconds to help brands stand out in fans’ feeds.

Greenfly and Slate white logos under two phones with PLL player image, one with overlays for enhanced real-time assets for social media.

The biggest moments in sport happen in an instant.

If you’re not ready with the latest content and an impactful way to make it stand out in a bottomless social feed, audiences and algorithms are moving on without you. 

Digital and social teams in sports, entertainment and beyond have growing challenges in this area. They’ve found that the assembly line to capture, prep and package digital media assets during live events and distribute them on social media — all in real-time — is getting more complex.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Slate Teams. This relationship integrates Slate’s social media content creation app with Greenfly’s short-form digital media orchestration platform. Slate streamlines content creation for social media by giving digital teams powerful tools to capture events, quickly edit and design, and share on any social platform using only pre-approved, on-brand creative.

GIF of PLL Greenfly x Slate instance to enhance real-time social-assets

Digital teams can now prepare and enhance social media and digital assets on game day in seconds. They can crop and add overlays, text, and branding in seconds before posting on their organization’s owned social media channels. Or before they distribute that content to athletes or influencers in Greenfly. 

On game and live event days, there are a thousand moving parts, and things turn in an instant. Staff, athletes, broadcasters and other partners are clamoring for new content. They have countless platforms and devices as endpoints for fans to devour highlight clips, immersive images, and all-access, behind-the-scenes moments. 

And the packaging of these short-form videos and images with enhancements has become an entertainment source in itself. 

What’s a video or image without stickers, backgrounds, captions and more overlays to enhance the emotion of a great moment? Particularly for the younger fan generations that have made them part of our daily experience. Emojis alone have been known to increase Instagram engagement rates by nearly 50%. 🎉

Saving time is vital to deliver everyone the content they want immediately. And with all the bells and whistles they expect now. Digital teams know the more tools they have to enhance, brand and deliver content on the go, the better.

Greenfly and Slate: Enhance Digital Media Faster with two mobile phones to show flow.

Greenfly Partners With Slate for Digital Content Enhancement

Organizations using the Slate app can move assets from Greenfly to Slate in a single tap right. So delivering great branded and on-brand content is faster than ever. Slate is now a permanent sharing option for every social media manager in the Greenfly app.

“Partnering with Slate means the sports and entertainment organizations that use Greenfly have a seamless way to brand and enhance their digital assets before publishing on any social media platform,” Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said. “This integration helps social teams share in-game moments with fans faster and more efficiently than ever before and gives them the ability to tell the stories of key moments and behind-the-scenes experiences. We’re excited to continue offering sports teams, leagues and media companies new opportunities to get the most value and impact from the digital media they capture.” 

Eric Stark, Co-founder and President of Slate, said, “The powerful integration between Slate and Greenfly levels up how sports, media, and entertainment brands create and distribute on-brand content in real-time. With Slate’s cutting-edge social media content creation features and Greenfly’s lightning-fast distribution capabilities, teams and organizations can now easily capture, brand, and share their most engaging moments with fans worldwide, instantly fueling engagement and driving engagement growth. We’re thrilled to be partnering with our friends at Greenfly!” 

“Without these two platforms, we would have much more back end work to get media assets to our players, staff, partners and talent while keeping our league’s team accounts unique.” 

— Emma Adams, Sr. Social Media Manager, Premier Lacrosse League

Greenfly and Slate Support Innovation for the Premier Lacrosse League 

The Greenfly and Slate partnership powers the Premier Lacrosse League’s social-first, athlete-focused vision for driving fan engagement and brand-building. 

On match day, the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) social team moves digital photos and videos seamlessly from Greenfly to Slate. In this way, they get enhanced content to lacrosse fans in a flash. 

Emma Adams, Senior Social Media Manager at the Premier Lacrosse League, shared, “Greenfly is THE source for all of our content sharing. It helps us continue to function as a media forward team, while Slate has helped us refine and elevate our social strategy. Without these two platforms, we would have much more back end work to get media assets to our players, staff, partners and talent while keeping our league’s team accounts unique. Greenfly and Slate alleviate a lot of stress and support innovation across our content team.”

Enhance Real-time Social Media Assets for Fans

The opportunities to reinforce your organization’s brand and content and boost your fandom have multiplied in recent years. They’ve grown alongside the rise of short-form digital media consumption

Augmenting videos and images with your logo, branded background, color palette and more puts you in the lead. It means your unique brand personality can grab attention amid the sea of content flowing past fans every second. 

And enriching your content makes it more likely those fans will stick around to see what else you serve up.

Are you ready to enhance social media posts and digital media and expand your fan community? Contact us at Greenfly.

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