Greenfly and Photoshelter Partner To Make Managing Digital Assets Easier for Sports Brands

Social content collaboration and distribution engine Greenfly has announced a partnership with Libris by Photoshelter, which is being utilized by the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL).

Front Office Sports

For college and professional sports marketers, organizing and distributing content can be a tall task. With Greenfly and Photoshelter for Brands, it just became significantly easier.

Greenfly is a social content collaboration and distribution engine trusted by brands like Major League Baseball, the Professional Fighters League, and the World Surf League. PhotoShelter for brands (previously called Libris) is the simplest and fastest digital asset management platform on the market built for visual media and used by over 1,000 organizations.

Through a new integration was made possible with Greenfly’s +Connect add-on. The partnership means that both companies are easing the burden of visual storytellers and automating social media distribution.

Over the past several years, Greenfly has helped thousands of athletes access and share high-quality photos and videos from sports organizations like the teams and leagues in which they play. The impetus for the formation of the company came from the observations of former MLB All-Star Shawn Green throughout his 15 years in the major leagues. Green co-founded Greenfly in 2014.

“I have good friends who are photographers as well as good friends who are still playing in the game and I knew how hard it was to get photos and videos of myself when I played,” Green says, speaking of why he started the company. “It just seemed crazy to me that there wasn’t a solution that solved this problem in this day and age with everyone having a computer in their pocket. It’s been revolutionary for players.”

Here’s How It Works

With the Greenfly Connect integration, sports organizations continue to use Photoshelter for Brands to upload, organize and manage their visual media assets at scale. Greenfly Connect does the rest—ingesting that content into Greenfly and using the organization in Photoshelter for Brands to route that content automatically into galleries that athletes and other social media distributors for the sports organization can access via the Greenfly app to share on social platforms. The Greenfly analytics tools track all use and performance of that content.

“Thanks to this partnership, the brands we serve can now achieve a whole new level of social sharing at scale,” said Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter. “There’s nothing more powerful than the ability to capture visual content and then instantly, automatically send it out to individual community members for distribution. We’re so excited to partner with Greenfly to make this happen.”

The capabilities of Greenfly Connect will allow organizations to automate photo and video asset uploading as well as organization and distribution of those assets on social media and other digital channels. This enables sports organizations to quickly move the photos and videos they are capturing every day to the athletes and other partners who can most effectively use them to engage their fans on social media, thereby dramatically scaling the impact of their content.

One of the first sports organizations to implement the Photoshelter for Brands integration with Greenfly Connect is the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). The PLL is in the midst of its first season and is routing photos and videos of all the exciting action to its athletes to share on their social channels through this new product.

“The impact quantitatively has been astounding,” says Tyler Steinhardt, Manager of Content of the PLL. “We’ve seen a 15% growth in social following for our players in the first two weeks since using the platform.”

Through the use of Greenfly Connect, athletes are able to better tell their own stories and sports organizations can connect through their athletes with a much larger and more engaged audience. Adweek recently reported that Major League Baseball Players using Greenfly to distribute content saw their engagement rise by fifty percent.

“Several of our clients have activated nearly their entire athlete body onto Greenfly and are incredibly active in using it,” says Daniel Kirschner, CEO of Greenfly. “PLL has already distributed thousands of pieces of social content with it. Because they are using Greenfly with Photoshelter for Brands, they are able to do that with very limited staff. They don’t have to worry about distributing this content to the players for social. That’s all taken care of. Just by organizing their system of content on Libris as their system of record, the players already have access to it.”

To learn more about the power of Photoshelter for Brands and Greenfly, watch an exclusive video interview with the Premier Lacrosse League.