JohnWallStreet: Greenfly’s Miro AI Acquisition Reflects Growing Value of Short-Form Content

“The quality of the short-form video content experience is really dictated by the curation of that content."

Greenfly in JohnWallStreet

The increasing demand [for short-form content] is driving value in short-form and mobile programming. And sports properties cognizant of that reality are increasingly investing resources in the personnel and technologies necessary to effectively monetize it.

The live game broadcast has historically been viewed as the ‘main event’ and short-form content, and vertical video captured on mobile phones, was largely seen as a secondary marketing vehicle.

“It was something rights owners did and put on social media to drive ticket sales and community engagement,” Kirschner said.

But that mentality has started to change in recent years.

“There is an increasing understanding amongst professional sports organizations that video captured at field level or in the locker room is now a core part of the fan experience,” Daniel Kirschner (president and CEO, Greenfly) said. “People are waking up in the morning, opening their phone, and watching a bunch of short-form content.”

They’re doing the same post-game. So, sports organizations have started to try and figure out how they can derive value from that content. The first step is operationalizing its collection, organization, and distribution.

Sports properties, including the NBA, NHL and MLB use the Greenfly app to capture content from mobile devices in venues. The platform also pulls in photos and short-form video content from a host of other sources, including Getty Images and WSC Sports.

“A few years ago, almost no leagues had a content or social contributor program,” Kirschner said. “Now, pretty much every league has one.”

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