Greenfly To Deliver Short-Form Digital Media Globally for the LPGA, PGA TOUR, LET and European Tour Group

Logos for LPGA, PGA Tour, European Tour Group, LET and Greenfly on golf course photo for digital media flow.
Greenfly Continues Growth With Addition of the World’s Top Golf Leagues

SANTA MONICA, Calif., March 7, 2023  —  Greenfly, the leader in real-time digital media management software, today announced that the Greenfly platform will power the flow of digital media assets for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), PGA TOUR, Ladies European Tour (LET) and European Tour group. Professional golfers from the LPGA, PGA TOUR, Ladies European Tour and European Tour Group will have access to photos and video clips after their rounds via Greenfly’s mobile app that they can share on their own social platforms.

“Sending curated content directly to our players through Greenfly is very efficient for both parties and affords the players the ability to connect with their followers across social media platforms in real-time,” said Nelson Silverio, Vice President Storytelling & Publicity, PGA TOUR. “Greenfly will allow fans to make connections to their favorite golfers and allow them to engage with our brand beyond just tournament coverage.” 

Richard Bunn, Managing Director of European Tour Productions, said “We have invested in building a world-class digital content offering as part of a drive to bring our sport to new fans across a variety of media platforms. With Greenfly’s technology, we can help our players engage directly with their fan bases and help grow their followings by sharing key moments on social media.” 

The four organizations capture a substantial amount of content through social media creators and professional photographers and now have Greenfly to automate the collection and organization of this content during live sporting events. Greenfly also aggregates content from licensed media service providers, collecting and organizing all of those assets automatically and making them available through a single feed to staff, players, agents, media platforms, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Greenfly will enable the golf leagues to engage fans across a growing number of digital channels, promoting each competition. Short-form content provides an ‘all-access’ immersive experience that brings fans behind-the-scenes at each tournament. 

“We are thrilled to work with the world’s most esteemed golf organizations. Their use of Greenfly’s software will help athletes and sponsors develop and grow the sport with more authentic connections with fans around the world on social media platforms,” Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said. “The PGA TOUR, European Tour group, LET and LPGA work with the most influential players in golf. Enabling them to distribute shareable videos and photos creates a massive digital footprint for the sport and directly engages younger audiences with content that makes fans feel like they’re at each tournament. We’re really looking forward to helping supercharge the growth of golf.” 

“This partnership will allow the LPGA to generate even more opportunities for our athletes, the LPGA Tour and Epson Tour to gain exposure,” said Brianne Blake, Digital Content Director, LPGA. “Additional coverage and engagement with LPGA content is critical to growing our audiences, investment and support, and it will allow us to ensure our players achieve their potential on and off the course.” 

Greenfly works with sports leagues, associations and teams around the world to power digital media asset collection and distribution through its automated, AI-driven organizational technology. Leagues like the NBA, NHL, NWSL and MLB all utilize Greenfly for real-time content collection at games, distribution to media platforms and activation of sponsorship programs across digital platforms. 

Greenfly’s AI-powered software enables photographers and creators to upload photos and videos at live events directly and provide the organization’s staff and partners access to images and videos in real-time. Personal media galleries are also created for each player at each event, giving them access to the best moments of their performance to share directly with their fans.  Greenfly’s mobile app gives players access to a personalized collection of media from each round and enables golfers to share on 10+ social platforms with just a few taps.

About Greenfly 

Greenfly, the leader in digital media content orchestration, empowers sports and entertainment organizations to automate the continuous flow of short-form digital media from collection to distribution. The company’s award-winning software platform and mobile app enable organizations to transform their athletes, partners, sponsors and broadcasters into social media promoters to fully realize the value of their digital assets. Founded in 2014, Greenfly is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices across the U.S. and Europe.