Real-Time Digital Content Feeds Propel Sports League Engagement on Match Day

Sports leagues are building real-time digital content feeds to drive new levels of fan engagement and partner revenue. Download the free playbook.

The Real-Time Digital Content Feed Playbook

Engaging Gen Z fans is tough for any sports organization today. Young sports devotees are scrolling their social media feeds and looking to interact with their favorite teams and athletes all the time — on match day and beyond. Sports leagues are responding to this demand for continuous social engagement through innovation. They’re building real-time digital content feeds.

Leagues are leveraging their own collected, short-form digital media to deliver fans an intimate window into matchday events and all the stadium action as it happens. They’re assembling centralized and automated digital content feeds to do it in real time, while a match is still in progress.

These organizations have learned this same valuable content can also be shared with athletes, clubs, sponsors, broadcasters and internal departments. Video clips, highlights, behind-the-scenes moments and sideline experiences build value and revenue opportunities across a league’s entire universe.

Bite-sized “social-ready” content is now a core requirement of today’s sports experience. 

How To Power Real-Time Digital Content

Continuous content creation and distribution at scale don’t just happen on their own. For nearly a decade, Greenfly has been working with sports leagues, tournaments and tours of all sizes. We help these organizations make the most of matchday media libraries, streamline content workflows to digital channels, and reach global fans and partners in new and exciting ways.

Our new ebook, Power Up Your Match Day Media: The Real-Time Digital Content Feed Playbook has our top insights in these areas. And it highlights a few of the incredible programs we’ve enabled for leagues around the world. Sports digital marketers can follow our step-by-step plan to create your own end-to-end matchday media engine connecting your whole league ecosystem. 

Inside the Playbook

Learn how to build a real-time digital content feed and go from pitch to post in minutes.

  • Drive new revenue opportunities for sponsor and broadcast teams 
  • Set up seamless content collection from multiple sources 
  • Tap into new asset organization advances that save staff time
  • Completely automate photo and video distribution to partners
  • Exponentially increase fan reach and engagement on digital channels
Real-Time Digital Content Feed Playbook cover 3D

Let Your Matchday Content Flow

Download this free how-to playbook and build a real-time digital content feed to power up fan engagement.

Undoubtedly, the more content you supply on off days as well as match days, the more relevant you are to fans and the more they engage. Your audiences don’t break from their social feeds; why should you?

There’s no better time to build a real-time digital content feed than in today’s sports environment. Fans want all the content you can give them. Your entire league universe of partners, staff, clubs and athletes is ready to answer their call. 

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