8 Days of Cheer: The Best Digital Marketing Examples From 2022

We're celebrating the best digital marketing examples of 2022 from different social media platforms. For inspiration, see how some of the biggest names in sports, media & entertainment are driving digital reach and engagement.

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What a fantastic year 2022 has been for compelling, inspiring and authentic digital marketing and social media content. The creativity, collaborations we’ve seen have been fantastic and just plain great entertainment. Here, we’ve rounded up the top digital marketing examples from 2022.

We turned to our customers across sports, media and consumer brands to share the digital moments and social posts they were proudest of this year. For eight days, we celebrated the greatness we’ve scrolled through this year on Greenfly’s social media feeds.

These digital content examples include some of the biggest moments in sports and the most ingenious entertainment and brand activations — all hand-picked by our customers at Greenfly. 

We love to see how savvy marketing teams across the globe are using short-form digital media and Greenfly in innovative ways to drive their business goals. They know involving athletes, fans, partners and other key advocates and influencers to co-create and share videos and photos is gold. It’s the most authentic, efficient and impactful way to tell your stories. 

This activity from your biggest supporters builds the continued reach, engagement and activation that paid advertising can’t buy (and owned channels alone can’t fully support). 

Explore our 8 Days of Cheer galleries below (we’ve even added a bonus 9th day of cheer). They should help you find new inspiration as you look to 2023 and beyond. We hope they shape your future campaigns as you craft your own best digital marketing programs for the new year ahead.

The Best Digital Marketing Examples: 2022

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Day 1: Peloton

What We’re Cheering: Original instructor content drives brand sales and messaging.

At Peloton, not only do fitness classes get you moving, but social posts do, too. The company collected media from instructors as a creative way to involve them in a studio reopening promotional campaign and brand merchandise sales. 

Gathering original, authentic media efficiently from your brand’s most prominent and influential voices helps keep your initiatives on track and break through to audiences.

“Greenfly has streamlined our social workflows by consolidating our comms and automating reminders. The platform helped us capture content from 17 different Instructors to highlight our “All For One” apparel and Studio reopening. Since that video was published, we’ve used Greenfly for more than 100 unique Apparel Team content requests.”

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Day 2: University of Central Florida

What We’re Cheering: Alumni UGC content ensures authenticity and connection. 

Move over fruitcake; here’s a better tradition to celebrate from the University of Central Florida (UCF): Beyond your current students, staff and other key stakeholders, involve your school alumni in your content creation.

Activating your passionate evangelists ensures your campaigns always reflect the people who know and love your organization the most. There’s hidden treasure sitting in their camera rolls from days gone by that can make your current promotions even more meaningful. 

“We chose our UCF Homecoming Throwback photo campaign as our favorite piece of content from 2022! It was so exciting to see photos of our alumni base from different eras! It created a visual marker of how much our university has grown over the years. At the end of this campaign, we compiled the photos into one video and posted it as a homage to our alumni family!”

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Day 3: FIBA

What We’re Cheering: Athlete sharing boosts unforgettable moments.

Athletes are critical to getting your great content to fans. So making something special for them to share with their followers goes a long way in amplifying your moments and helping strengthen your athlete relationships. This custom highlight reel the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) made for one of its biggest stars is pure gold (medal). 

This magical post was from Australian legend Lauren Jackson at the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 in Sydney. Who wouldn’t want to share this beautifully choreographed scoring highlight and medal ceremony?

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Day 4: Anaheim Ducks

What We’re Cheering: Community content creation ignites campaign awareness and interest.

The Anaheim Ducks digital team members know that involving stakeholders from across their hockey community in content creation means annual campaigns always feel fresh and of the moment.

Get everyone you can to participate in your planned initiatives. You can reap the benefits of their collective creativity from different perspectives. Then you can share their media individually or create compilations for exposure across your marketing channels. 

For this year’s schedule release video, we wanted to do something unique and have a number of different people – our fans, players, 21st Ducks, kids, Power Players, announcers, even pets – announce each of the opponents we would be playing in 2022-23 (accompanied by graphics showing the dates of those games). Using the Greenfly +Engage platform was a seamless way to collect videos from everyone and proved extremely valuable in helping us produce the finished product, which was very well-received by our social followers.” — Adam Brady, Director, Publications and Digital Content, Anaheim Ducks

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Day 5: NHL

What We’re Cheering: Fan engagement skyrockets when fans help create content.

Fandom doesn’t stop at the end of each season, nor does fan content. Attract and keep your ardent followers (especially younger ones) connected by showcasing their enthusiasm and creativity all year round. Keep the line of content collection always open, and you’ll have media to share across your channels whenever you want. 

This passion is alive with the National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) ongoing campaign to highlight some of its biggest supporters. The NHL asks fans to participate in creating the content on its channels, creating deeper fandom across the league.

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Day 6: FIBA

What We’re Cheering: Personalized athlete content motivates these most influential marketing partners.

FIBA knows that big players always rise to the occasion, so it harnesses the power of its international basketball stars on social media. The fan reach and engagement athletes bring to their sports organizations are invaluable. 

Players want to post event content featuring them and can help you gain promotional lift at the same time. Supplying players with both personalized highlight videos and technology like Greenfly’s mobile app to get it to social in seconds is a win for everyone involved.

Luka Dončić scored 47 points in the game against France during FIBA EuroBasket 2022 — the second-highest total in the history of the competition! Highlights and content gained a lot of traction on FIBA’s accounts and Luka’s.

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Day 7: Evil Geniuses

What We’re Cheering: Talent social media can support all business priorities.

North American esports organization Evil Geniuses regularly taps host talent to promote content for many initiatives across their social channels. Content comes in many forms for many platforms, and Greenfly is the connective tissue that helps properties centralize it for multiple business uses. 

Social media is a great channel to promote any of your priorities: ticket sales, apparel sales, memberships and more. In this example, Evil Geniuses leveraged its podcast as a robust content platform. The organization spread the word by arming hosts with clips to promote the podcast and more.

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Day 8: HSN

What We’re Cheering: Partner content collaborations expand reach far beyond owned channels.

The holidays are all about coming together, and nothing says togetherness like partner collaborations. Even better? When you leverage social media to amplify these messages beyond what you could on your owned channels. Greenfly makes collaborations easy by facilitating content and communication between organizations. 

The team at television network HSN has followed this example by collecting content from partners like beauty brand Doll10 to help promote and sell their products beyond the on-air experience. 

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Bonus Day 9: Athletes Unlimited

What We’re Cheering: Content supplied to athletes grows brands and opportunities. 

Athletes love it when their sports properties empower them with high-quality digital media

They need fresh photos and videos to share and engage consistently with their fans in their own voices. More content and social activity, particularly on fast-rising platforms like TikTok, help them expand their personal brands — leading to more opportunities. And the organization benefits in tandem with its own brand lift. The multi-league women’s pro sports organization Athletes Unlimited knows this first hand. 

“In 2022, we wanted our athletes to be a part of our social strategy in an organic way. This meant quickly getting them content during the season to promote themselves, and our league, on their own pages. To do this, we do a lot of sharing content with athletes using Greenfly’s routing rules and galleries. Here are some examples of TikToks that our athletes have made from content downloaded through Greenfly.” — Adeline Nicholson, Social Media Coordinator, Athletes Unlimited LLC

And Even More Cheer: Greenfly

What We’re Cheering: Our wonderful customers, partners and team!

Enjoy these Happy Holiday greetings from everyone at Greenfly, collected with Greenfly +Engage.

If you’re looking for more content ideas, give us a shout. Our team can help you craft the best digital marketing examples and campaigns like these for 2023 and beyond.

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