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How much does Greenfly cost? What is Greenfly's pricing? These are some of the most common questions we hear.

Dodger Stadium provides value, game after game after game.

We’ve developed Greenfly alongside the leaders in sport, entertainment and consumer brands. We have a top-notch team of engineers working almost around the clock on scalability, reliability, speed. AI, automation, new functions and an amazingly simple user experience are a few of the reasons organizations love Greenfly.

Greenfly was created for small organizations and large enterprises, but not consumers. It’s a robust, secure, enterprise-grade private cloud-based platform for collecting, organizing and distributing short-form media. We have literally transformed organizations with short-form digital inventory availability. Digital media is now a new and growing revenue center for sports organizations,

Unfortunately, delivering the best product for businesses doesn’t (yet) translate into pricing for individual consumers.  The platform is suited for digital media rights holders. They need to continuously capture, collect, create and distribute media on a daily basis.

The best way to look at Greenfly pricing is to consider the value it delivers to small brands and large enterprises. 

Cost Savings

This may be the easiest way to measure value. Greenfly delivers cost savings because it automates media workflows end-to-end. It saves a ton of time for existing staff and alleviates the need to hire new staff to move of thousands of assets a day.

  • Intelligent automation & AI image recognition can save the equivalent of 1-2 staff per year, eliminating anywhere from $30,000 – $200,000 in staffing costs annually
  • Athletes, talent and ambassadors can fulfill sponsor commitments quickly and easily with simple media briefs, Greenfly can eliminate expensive photoshoots


Our goal is to make everyone’s job easier, eliminate friction, and meaningfully improve communication. Greenfly pricing is extremely reasonable when considering the efficiency the platform provides.

  • Most organizations have the ability to capture content, but it’s collected and stored in isolated, siloed systems and formats. Greenfly brings all of this content together into a single cloud-based library. Digital inventory is only valuable if it’s accessible!
  • Many teams already distribute digital assets to talent, athletes, and broadcast partners, but use general-purpose tools like SMS, Whatsapp, Dropbox, email and Slack. Or try to push thousands of small files through their MAM. None of these solutions are great for finding assets over time, accessing high volumes of media, and most degrade asset quality during transfer.
  • Real-time file transfer, bulk asset management, AI-tagging, automated organization, and crowdsourcing UGC are easy with Greenfly, but simply impossible with traditional collaboration tools.
  • Greenfly enables simple digital media access, as well as full text and date search for all assets, from any mobile device or desktop browser. 
  • Overall, digital media teams get more efficient with Greenfly, and are empowered to deliver digital assets to all levels of the organization — as well as to outside partners, in real-time.

New Revenue Opportunities

When Greenfly is used to drive new revenue programs, it can result in 20x (or more) in return on investment. It also provides a positive impact on an organization’s relationships with its staff, partners and vendors.

  • When software gives you the power to create new revenue streams, or augment existing programs, the price of the software is almost inconsequential.
  • Increased value delivered to corporate partners, with more equivalent ad value delivered by teams and leagues
  • Increased sponsor revenue – more digital activations through athletes and talent, the more value delivered resulting in higher premiums
  • Additional revenue from premium broadcast rights packages that include short-form media in addition to linear streams
  • Higher TV ratings, more value for broadcast partners when digital content is used for regional, localized promotion by broadcasters
  • When more partners have access to share digital media, it increases fan reach and engagement, driving loyalty and increasing both ticket and merchandise revenue 

Don’t Think Cost, Think ROI

Some companies claim they have a competitive product that provides all the features that Greenfly delivers, but for a much lower cost. Our customers know this is simply not true. With an in-depth, objective valuation of functionality, service levels, pricing, and ease of use, Greenfly always comes out on top. If “competitive” software delivered on all of that value, these vendors wouldn’t be giving their products away. Greenfly is best-in-class when it comes to digital content delivery. Greenfly pricing shouldn’t be considered a software expense for the social media team, however. It’s the only way to make digital assets accessible to everyone inside (and outside of) the organization.

Customers expect businesses and sports properties to be digital-first. Access to digital media (without duplicating efforts) should be considered shared core infrastructure. We’d love to tell you more about Greenfly pricing. Just let us know what your goals are, and we’ll help you calculate both the short and long-term return on investment to present to your management team.

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