Greenfly Acquires AI Provider Miro AI To Enhance Short-Form Content Solutions

Greenfly acquires artificial intelligence company Miro AI

Integration of AI tech transforms Greenfly’s digital media platform for the sports industry

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 11, 2023  —  Greenfly, the leader in real-time digital media orchestration software, today announced the expansion of its cutting-edge solutions through the acquisition of Miro AI, an AI-powered content as a service (CaaS) platform that uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver rich analysis of sports content. The acquisition represents a significant milestone for Greenfly, solidifying its position as the industry leader in short-form digital media orchestration and emphasizing its commitment to providing scalable enterprise solutions.

Greenfly works with sports leagues, teams and federations around the world, including MLB, PGA Tour, Bundesliga, ESPN, Real Madrid, and the NHL, to power digital media asset collection, organization and access. Most of the top sports organizations in the United States and Europe utilize Greenfly for real-time content capture at games and immediate distribution to players, media partners, broadcasters and the activation of sponsorship programs across digital platforms. The integration of Miro’s powerful AI technology will streamline the categorization, organization, and deployment of this valuable content at any scale.

Founded by Taylor Host in 2017, with co-founders Jamie Wilde & Evan Kroft, Miro AI has become the go-to AI solution for analyzing sports photos and videos. Its technology extends beyond the fast and accurate identification of athletes, teams, and brands to include analysis of the action and substance of scenes at scale. It goes beyond simple facial recognition for contextual analysis and can identify athletes even when faces are obscured by helmets and other objects. Miro’s unique approach provides exclusive insights about any photo or video, isolating content, linking information to valuable demographic and brand data, and associating searchable keywords and captions to every asset.  As a current customer of Miro AI, Greenfly has experienced firsthand the power and efficiency of these AI-powered services. 

“This strategic move is a watershed moment in our company’s journey. We recognized early on that AI is a central and core function to manage digital media at scale. Miro by far provides the richest AI analysis of sports content and is backed by the most talented engineers in the industry,” Greenfly CEO Daniel Kirschner said. “The future of the fan experience will be powered by AI curation. The integration of Miro’s AI technology into our platform is a foundational component of our ability to enable our partners to create immersive fan experiences and enhance sponsor and broadcast revenue.”

Said Miro AI CEO Evan Kroft, “Taylor, Jamie and I have built a close-knit team that is relentless in its pursuit of creating the best artificial intelligence capabilities on the market. The integration of our team and technology with the world’s leading content orchestration platform is going to enable us to deliver even more innovative game-changing solutions for the sports industry. We’re excited to deliver more value to our existing portfolio of customers while collaborating with Greenfly to power the future of short-form content for the industry.”

Evan Kroft will work directly with Daniel Kirschner and continue to oversee the Miro AI business. Greenfly CTO Marshall Greer will work directly with Co-Founder and CTO of Miro, Jamie Wilde, to integrate Miro’s top machine-learning talent into the Greenfly engineering team and infuse their proprietary tech into the core of Greenfly’s platform.

Greenfly will also take ownership of RunnerTag, an AI-powered athlete identification service used by sports photography firms, marathons, and other endurance events. RunnerTag enables automated photo bib identification and participant tagging to provide instant access to event photos for every runner. The identification of clothing and footwear worn by participants is also a huge benefit for athletic brands. 

For Greenfly customers, this acquisition reinforces their partnership with an organization at the forefront of AI and innovation. With Greenfly’s expanded capabilities, customers can expect enhanced services with no disruption to the solutions they currently use. By leveraging Miro AI’s deep learning and computer vision technology, customers will be able to provide faster access to digital media for all their stakeholders and increase the volume of content they can produce.

Daniel Kirschner, CEO of Greenfly, explains why Miro AI will help the company continue to power the future of fandom.

About Greenfly 

Greenfly, the leader in digital media orchestration, empowers sports and entertainment organizations to provide real-time access to short-form digital media to their staff and partners. The company’s award-winning software platform automates the continuous flow of media for properties of all sizes, including MLB, PGA Tour, Bundesliga, ESPN, Real Madrid, NHL, and NWSL. It enables organizations to transform their athletes, sponsors and broadcasters into social media promoters to ignite fan engagement and boost sponsor value. Founded in 2014, Greenfly is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices across the U.S. and Europe.